Smania Group is

Long-serving experience in a new-born reality, to mix our deep knowledge in the transportation, logistics and shipping fields with all the opportunities that the modern marketplace offers

Our mission

Provide our partners with a 360° service, finding the best solution to deliver your goods.


We’re a small company born near to Treviso.
Our roots are here, but our playing field is the world.
We’re young, and at the same time we have many years of experience.
We love to be on the front line, to raise the volume, to laugh and to crack some jokes.
We’re sometimes loud, but we always keep the bar high there’s no space for chaos with us.
We don’t have all the answers , but we know we’re willing to find them, we have the energy to search them and we have the creativity to find a solution for every challenge we face.
we don’t like words such as ‘Client’ or ’Supplier’.
We want to have Partners that are on our same level.
We love partners that are willing to work with us and build the future together.
We work to deliver a 360° service.
If something’s wrong, if we need to change to improve, we’re always ready to receive some good advice. We always strive to improve.

WE ARE SMANIA GROUP, how might we HELP YOU today?

Our team

Franco Smania


Maurizio Smania


Vanda Da Rodda

Admin Manager

Laura Smania

Finance Manager

Samantha Masiello

Accounting Manager

Martina Gazzola

Administrative operator

Alessandro Alborè

Sales Manager

Barbara Bruniera

Sales Manager

Anna De Franceschi

Customer Care

Cesare Sava

Logistic Manager

Filippo Baggio

Operations Manager

Rina Thaqi

Operations Specialist

Veronica Zilio

Operations Specialist

Edoardo Guarnaccia

Italy Operations Specialist

Cristian Sava

Warehouse Manager

Erich Zandonà

Warehouse Specialist

Alex Zandonà

Warehouse Worker

Costel Monteanu


Rosca Tiberiu


Zapan Constantin

Driver & Warehouse

Contact Smania Group

Smania Group

Legal head office: Via Alberon 46 – 31030 Castello di Godego – TV
Warehouse: Via J Kennedy 13/A – 31039 – Vallà di Riese Pio X – TV
Phone: +39 0423 469030
Fax: +39 0423 760412
Linkedin profile: @SmaniaGroup
VAT: IT 04763820265
Ear: TV376177
Register: TV/2659236/V

POR Fondo Sociale Europeo

L’impresa Smania Group è beneficiaria di Bonus Occupazionali DGR n. 933/2020


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Registered company ISO 9001:2015
Certificate number: AJAEU/12/13757

Registered company ISO 14001:2015
Certificate number: AJAEU/23/17790